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Wire processing machine products

Cut & Strip Machine

Wire Cut & Strip processing

CASTING series are very famous and used in the world. Its are cut and strip machines for wire and cable.
Cut & Strip & Crimp Machine

Cut & Strip & Crimp processing

Wire processor for wire cut and strip and terminal crimp automatically for automotive and electric wire harness.
Wire Stripping Machine

Wire Stripping

Automatic stripping machine for wire and cable and coaxial cable.
Terminal Crimping Machine

Terminal Crimping

Semi automatic terminal crimping machine for chain terminal.
Tube Cutting machine

Tube Cutting

Cutting machine for a lot of kinds of tube and other materials.
Wire Strip & Terminal Crimping

Wire Strip & Terminal Crimping

Wire strip and terminal crimping automatically. It suitable for cable processing.
Wire Supply Machine

Wire Supply

Wire and cable feeder for automatic wire processing machines.
Terminal Crimping Applicator

Terminal Crimping Applicator

It can use semi automatic and full automatic terminal crimping machines.
Crimp cross section monitor

Crimp cross section monitor

It can check a crimp cross section. It is very important to keep high quality for wire crimping.