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927R Rotary wire stripping machine

32M wire stripper
927r rotary wire strip machine processing

Rotary blade

927R is equipped rotary blade unit for wire strip. Rotary blade enable to wire stripping for the electric wire that has difficult processing like a thin insulation wire by V blade wire strip machine.

Wire twisting

927R can process not only wire strip but also wire twist together, and can choose rotation direction CW or CCW.

Accurate blade setting

927R rotary wire strip machine can adjust the blade cutting depth by a 0.01mm unit with a blade dial.



927R Rotary wire strip machine

Parts list

927R Rotary wire strip machine


Model 927R
Stripping Length 1 ~ 25mm
Half-Stripping Length minimum 2mm
Wire Size AWG #10(5.5sq) ~ #36(0.01sq)   ※Depend on the wire type.
Wire Type AVSS, VSF, UL, Teflon, etc
Cycle Time maximum speed 1.5 sec/cycle   ※Depend on the setting.
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V    50/60Hz
Dimension 400 x 131 x 218mm
Weight 8.5kg