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48R automatic cable stripping machine

48R Coaxial cable stripping machine

48R coaxial cable stripper
48r coaxial cable strip machine processing

Multi-Step cable stripping

48R is an ideal cable strip machine to the coaxial cable stripping, that can process multi-step cable stripping up to 9 steps. and it can also use to standard electric wire stripping such as processing in 32M and 927R.

Saving the cable processing data

48R can save the cable processing data up to 1,000 pattern, so it can operate very easily.

Finely condition setting possible

48R coaxial cable stripper is possible fine condition setting, for example, stripping length and blade cutting depth and processing speed, etc on control panel.



48R Coaxial cable strip machine

Parts list

48R Coaxial cable strip machine


Model 48R
Stripping Length maximum total 40mm
Wire Size φ1.5mm ~ φ8mm   ※Depend on the wire type.
Cycle Time 6 sec/cycle   ※Depend on the setting.
Processing Steps maximum 9 steps   ※Depend on the setting.
Processing Data Memory 1,000 processing data
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V    50/60Hz
Dimension 460 x 140 x 243mm
Weight 9kg