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32M Automatic wire stripping machine

32M wire stripper
32m wire strip machine processing

Compact & Economy

32M is compact and low price wire stripper for the standard electric wire between around AWG#12 to 32.


32M is designed very simple for setting the blade cutting depth and stripping length, so it is very easy to wire strip for almost all operators.

Accurate blade setting

32M wire stripping machine can adjust the blade cutting depth by a 0.01mm unit with a blade dial.



32M Wire stripping machine

Parts list

32M Wire stripping machine


Model 32M
Stripping Length 1 ~ 25mm
Half-Stripping Length minimum 2mm
Wire Size AWG #12(3.5sq) ~ #32(0.03sq)   ※Depend on the wire type.
Wire Type AVSS, VSF, UL, Teflon, etc
Cycle Time maximum speed 0.3 sec/cycle   ※Depend on the setting.
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V    50/60Hz
Dimension 348 x 77 x 175mm
Weight 4.5kg