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M-211J Semi automatic wire crimping press

M211J Semi auto crimp press
m211j terminal crimping machine processing

Compact & Economy

M211J is designed without flywheel and clutch, so it is a very compact body. And it is low price than older model MJ-2000, M-12 and a lot of competitors of the wire crimping machine because it is simple structure.


M211J is very quiet wire crimp machine on average 10dB because it is inverter control.

Universal type

M-211J is a universal type semi automatic wire crimping machine that can adapt a lot of kinds of crimp applicators by changing a attachment parts.

Optional equipment

sc-13 stripping unit

SC-13 Wire stripping unit

SC-13 wire strip unit can attach to M-211J, then it can process wire stripping and terminal crimping in one operation, so it will increase significantly efficiency. SC-13 can save the wire processing data and can set up wire stripping length, terminal crimping position and blade cutting depth on control panel, so it can operate very easily.



M-211J Semi automatic terminal crimping machine


Model M-211J
Adaptable Crimp Applicators JST, TYCO, AMP, MOLEX, JAE, HRS, NT, JAM, YAZAKI (87 type)
Crimping Capacity 1.5ton (1.47KN)
Press Stroke 30mm
Shut Height 160mm±3mm
Cycle Time 0.32 sec/cycle
Motor 400W
Power Supply AC100 or 200V    50/60Hz   ※200V for model M-212J.
Dimension 450 x 430 x 403mm   ※Excluding reel stand.
Weight 72kg