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STC-220 wire stripping and crimping machine

STC-220 Wire strip and terminal crimping machine
STC-220 wire stripping and crimping machine processing

Wire strip & crimp in one step

STC-220 can process wire strip and crimp in one step. It is suitable for the strip wire of the multi-core cable, such can not be the automatic terminal crimping machine.

Standard applicators available

STC-220 can use standard type crimping applicators, for example, Tyco/AMP and JST and JAE and HRS etc, so there is no need to buy dedicated crimping applicators for strip crimp machines.

Saving the wire stripping data

STC-220 wire stripper crimper can save the setting conditions for wire stripping up to 100 kinds.



Model STC-220
Crimping Capacity 2ton
Press Stroke 30mm
Wire Size AWG #18(0.85sq) ~ #36(0.01sq)
Strip Length 1 ~ 8mm
Trim Length 0 ~ 5mm
Minimum Wire Length minimum 25mm   ※Depend on the strip length and applicators.
Cycle Time 1.5 sec/cycle
Stripping Data Memory 100 stripping data
Power Supply AC100V or 200V    50/60Hz
Air Supply 6Nl/cycle   0.5MPa
Dimension 550 x 600 x 560mm   ※Excluding reel stand.
Weight 140kg